Thrive Power Yoga is designed around the concept that to cultivate and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need balance in your wellness routine. Thrive consists of synergistic yoga classes, which are designed to broaden and increase the depth your fitness, no matter what level. We promote a mindful practice that explores this balance of strength and softness through a variety of class offerings. Beyond yoga, we offer childcare during select class times, as well as regular meditations, workshops and seminars to help you connect to your emotional and physical wellness on a deeper level. We have mens and women’s changing rooms, bathrooms and showers to ensure your experience with us is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

To learn more about our class offerings, please see below…


Thrive 1

This warm 60-minute class is suitable for ALL-LEVELS. Practitioners are clearly guided through foundational yoga postures focused on opening and strengthening different areas of the body. Expect to sweat, breathe and learn in this fun and foundational power yoga class.

Thrive 2

YThis heated 75-minute class is suitable for those with previous yoga or fitness experience. Practitioners will be creatively guided through similar foundational postures from Thrive 1, with options to deepen and advance. Expect to be given the opportunity to explore the progression of your yoga practice.

Thrive Fusion

It’s 60 minutes like Thrive 1 and it’s hot like Thrive 2. This class is suitable for ALL-LEVELS. Practitioners will be guided through foundational postures, with options to progress. Expect a high-energy, power flow with upbeat music and instruction.

Thrive Bootcamp

This unheated 60-minute class is suitable for ALL-LEVELS. Practitioners will be guided though a muscle sculpting, body-toning practice, using light free weights, yoga balls and resistance bands. Expect upbeat instruction and music designed to get your body moving and your heart pumping! Bootcamp resumes Monday, September 10, 2018.

Thrive Yin

This unheated 60-minute yin class is suitable for ALL-LEVELS. Practitioners will be guided through gentle seated and supine yoga postures designed to create openness deep within the connective tissues in a serene and supportive environment.

Yin + Vin

This warm 90-minute class is suitable for ALL-LEVELS. Practitioners are guided through 30 minutes of yin practice, followed by 60 minutes of power vinyasa. Expect the best of both worlds in this perfectly balanced class.
Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga uses postures, breath work, and meditation to ease pregnancy, delivery and the after-effects of birth. This class will focus on strength, flexibility, and awareness as you move through a gentle unheated practice. The class is appropriate for new and experienced students. All trimesters welcome. Current Series May 7th – June 18th 2018. No class May 28th. Separate pricing for prenatal yoga applies.