2018 Yoga Teacher Trainings


200 Hour Training: June 8th-24th

This training is for you if you want to get to know yourself better, be immersed in our conscious community and grow a deeper understanding of this beautiful practice! We dive deep into Yoga Sutra-s, Yoga Philosophy & Ethics, Alignment and Adjustments, & the Business of Yoga. When you graduate you will have mastered the ability to teach well-rounded vinyasa classes to all-levels, as well as yin restorative practices. Learn More

Sunday, May 6th 11:30am-1:30pm

Join Katie Falconer, studio manager and certified herbalist, to get ready for Mother’s Day with this fun gift-making workshop! You will learn about essential oils and aromatherapy to discover which scents are most suited for you. Using your olfactory and visual senses, you will blend essential oils, flowers and herbs, creating TWO unique jars of bath salts- one to keep and one to give away to someone special!  Price of workshop includes all materials, as well as a glass of herbal tea or champagne. Pre-registration recommended. $55/per person


Danielle Vardakas June Workshop Weekend

Serpentine Spine: Friday, June 15th 5:30 – 7:30pm

In Danielle’s personal practice, she has been playing with fluidity of the spine. Through study of the physical and energetic bodies, Danielle will lead a transformative, heart-centered sequence that promises to generate love and compassion, deep relaxation, and inner peace in the body and mind.
Yin Workshop: Sunday, June 17th 11am-1pm
The Tao of Yin will concentrate on performing a combined series of still postures, moving meditations and breathing that places importance on the synchronization of mind, body and spirit. We will learn about our subtle bodies and chakra system. Participants will leave feeling refreshed and renewed!
These workshops are $20 for members and $40 for non-members!
Yin Immersion: Sunday, June 17th 11am-7pm
Learn about the practice of yin and how to develop a sequence for your home practice or one to share! Yoga Teachers receive 8 CEU credits for Yoga Alliance. $108pp


Tymi Howard Returns to Thrive with an incredible line-up!

Hot, Hip & Holy!: Friday, July 13th 5:30pm – 7pm

This challenging and creatively sequenced specialty class is for the yogi who desires more than what the standard yoga class offers. Burn away all the obstacles that clutter the mind and fog the mirror of the soul. Wring out the toxic emotions that build up and stagnate within the body. It has been our direct experience that an intense asana practice and deep stretching/opening poses will bring about these changes. All -Levels. $35 pp

Gravity with Grace Deep Core & Inversions: Saturday, July 14th 11:30am – 1:30pm

This challenging playful workshop class is for the yogi who desires more than what the standard yoga class offers. Tap into your deep core, move and flow from your center and stand true in your power with grace. We will tap into our deep core connections, wake up & strengthen the upper body as we learn exercises & variations that will help build awareness to safely and skillfully practice crow (and
various transitions), headstands, handstands, forearm balances and creative fun variations.
Come ready to tap into your true power, flow with grace and dance with gravity! Please bring a block or utilize a provided studio block. $49pp

Malas, Mantra & Meditation: Saturday, July 14th 3pm – 5pm

Each student will receive their own Mala (from Bali Malas)
along with a “Mala’s Mantra and Meditation” study guide
packed with theory, philosophy and mantras. We will go over the meaning, symbolism and significance of the 108 beads/ seeds of the Mala. You will learn how to Cleanse, Charge and Use the Mala for japa and mantra, in order to deepen your practice. This workshop involves lecture/ discussion, mantra, papa and meditation. 2 Hours of CE’s with Yoga Alliance and good toward Tymi Howard Yoga 200/300 Hour Teacher Trainings. $49pp



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