The Basics Workshop

Saturday, November 4th 11am-1pm

Join Katie Falconer, ERYT-200, to learn alignment and benefits of the foundational postures. Discover how to link movement with breath and find the appropriate modifications to suit your practice level. Learn how to utilize yoga props, such as blocks and straps, to help align and support your body. This workshop is designed to help new yogis understand the basics of alignment, pranayama breathing and vinyasa flow. Perfect for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and yoga practice!

Cost: $40 (Unlimited & More Members receive discount) 


Resolution Revolution Workshop with Danielle Vardakas

Serpentine Spine, December 30th 11am – 1pm

A transformative, heart-centered sequence that promises to generate love and compassion, deep relaxation, and inner peace in the body and mind. The practice begins flowing sun salutations focused on moving with the breath; rooting in the pelvis; opening the front, back, and side body for invigorating back bends that create brilliance around the heart. Cost $49.

Deep Relax & Intention Manifestation, December 30th 2pm – 4pm

Techniques and Meditation in a special series of mental exercises sequenced to improve your psychic abilities and promote the projection of your thoughts. They include specific breathing exercises, directed visualizations, and these two powerful mantras: the Mantra for Purification and the Mantra for Unification. These mantras will establish perfect psychic rhythm to mental patterns which puts power behind your thoughts making it easier to achieve your goals and desires in life. Cost $49.

Crystal Healing Flow, December 31st 11am -1pm

Yoga creates union, harmony, flow, connection, calm and advances us on our spiritual path. It breaks up stagnation patterns in the body, mind and spirit that lead to illness. It helps us heal our hearts, recognize our wholeness and find our path. It makes everything about being a human being having a spiritual journey, better. Stones do all the same things. Learn more about using crystals to enhance your yoga  and meditation practice. Cost $49

Save by registering for all three: $100


2018 Yoga Teacher Trainings

500 Hour Training: April 20th-29th

This training id designed for teachers with a 200 Hour Certification to move deeper into their teaching and philosophy. This program will enhance your understanding of advanced practices and allow the ability to share them with your community.  We cover Yoga Sutra-s, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha yoga Pradipika, & Self Knowledge texts. We perfect advanced asana, pranayama & meditation techniques. Learn More

200 Hour Training: June 8th-24th

This training is for you if you want to get to know yourself better, be immersed in our conscious community and grow a deeper understanding of this beautiful practice! We dive deep into Yoga Sutra-s, Yoga Philosophy & Ethics, Alignment and Adjustments, & the Business of Yoga. When you graduate you will have mastered the ability to teach well-rounded vinyasa classes to all-levels, as well as yin restorative practices. Learn More


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