Meet Jill Romano, Owner of Thrive Power Yoga, E-RYT 200

I was first introduced to yoga in 2009 looking to become just a little more flexible. As a lifelong athlete, I was strong but had no flexibility. I didn’t feel connected to the yoga classes I was taking and continued to practice sporadically until 2011, when I was introduced into hot vinyasa. It was in that first hot vinyasa class, that my passion was ignited. By December 2012, I had attended yoga teacher training, quit my day job and opened a hot vinyasa studio in Palm Beach Gardens. In owning that studio for three and a half years, I began to sense a need for something more than what my studio offered. To truly thrive in physical and mental wellness, you need more than just hot vinyasa. I began exploring varieties of flow beyond a typical vinyasa, started to connect with other like-minded individuals on subjects such as balancing work, family and wellness, as well as nutrition and natural living. Through these connections and self-education, Thrive Power Yoga began to take shape in my mind. A place where anyone can explore their yoga practice no matter what level, where you have options of synergistic classes, workshops, events and childcare; all things that contribute to full-body physical and mental wellness. It is my passion to bring this concept to you and hope that you connect to Thrive in your own individual way. 

For me, I love the practice of yoga because it allows my body to connect with my mind, acknowledging and releasing emotion in a supportive environment that challenges and uplifts me. Whether I sail or struggle through my practice on a given day, I always leave my mat present and aware, ultimately gaining a more objective perspective of my life.

In my classes I strive to provide clear guidance for students to learn and progress in their practice. My goal is that you simply feel. Feel the movement, the breath, the connection, the emotion, both positive and negative, all while exercising your body and mind. I learn something from you every time I teach and am forever a student of this practice.

You’ll be sure to find me at the studio most days, with a smile, a helping hand and sometimes…my little twin yogis in tow.

I look forward to continuing to build this community with you and hope to practice with you soon. 

Fun Fact: In January 2015, I married my passion of yoga with my passion for fashion, launching the yogawear line Rebel Affair


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