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Saturday March 18th 12pm – 4pm

Join us as studio for this incredible annual festival in Midtown! Featuring vendors, free yoga and live music. Fun for the entire family. Join Jill & Katie as they teach a vinyasa/yin class from 1pm – 2 pm.

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Saturday, March 25th 11am-1pm

Join Jill Romano, Owner of Thrive, for this fun and foundational arm balance and inversion workshop!

Curious about taking the first steps to getting upside down? Then this workshop is for you! Participants will move through exercises designed to activate the muscles and connections central to safely begin working into the foundational inversions and arm balances. Expect progressive guidance into tripod, headstand and even pinchamayurasana. Arm balances will include ekapada koundinyasana A & B, crow, side crow and more!

Cost: $40pp. Unlimited & More Members receive discounted rate

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Sunday, March 26th 12:30pm-2:30pm

Join Jill Romano, owner of Thrive, to deepen your inversion and arm balance practice. This workshop is ideal for those already comfortable with getting upside down. Practitioners will be guided through exercises designed to activate and strengthen the muscles and bandhas central to floating and even pressing into pinchamayurasana and handstand. Expect instruction on inversion and arm balance transitions, as well as guidance into creative variations. Explore your practice on a deeper level with one-on-one instruction and personalized attention. 

Cost: $40pp. Unlimited & More Members receive discounted rate

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Sunday, March 26th 8:15am

Join Katie the last Sunday of each month, to learn the all-important foundations! This is designed for those seeking a learning environment to better understand the basics of vinyasa flow. Expect a focus on alignment of the foundational postures, expanded instruction on modifications, as well as additional guidance on utilization of yoga props to support your practice. Regular class rates apply.



Sunday, April 23rd 11am-1pm
Join guest teacher, Danielle Vardakas owner of Honest Yoga in Burlington, VT for a gentle practice filled with slow, deep, held postures. Open connective tissue and quite your mind with restorative sequence , Tao cultivation, Zen Koan meditations, and classic yogic knowledge. Perfect complement to your regular flow practice. Register Here.

Saturday, April 29th 1pm – 3pm

Join guest teacher, Danielle Vardakas, owner of Honest Yoga in Burlington, VT for this informative workshop designed for yoga teachers.

Dive deep into alignment and assists of the most popular poses. With a deeper understanding of the postures alignment you will learn to relax and breathe bigger in your practice as well as be a more affective teacher. With this new awareness in the practice you will be able to take your yoga to the next level. We will partner up to examine assists of these postures. Assisting in your teaching will help you to stand out in your studio & create a loyal student following. The Honest Yoga method of Assisting helps the student go deeper into the posture safely. It helps them build trust in yoga, themselves and your teaching! Register Here